A collection of photographs too good to keep to myself.

A reminder of the “JennyRama” fund-raiser held in San Juan Del Sur at Big Wave Dave’s for a family member/staffer with a serious illness requiring an expensive surgery.

Ladies’ Luncheon and swim at Tree Casa, a resort in the hills above San Juan Del Sur.

More ladies’ luncheon at Tree Casa.

Dave Grace, of Big Wave Dave’s, celebrating Canada Day with server and family member Kelly.

A very large herd of cows blocked the road for a really long time. Such is highway driving in Nicaragua.

The Virgin of Guadaloupe (I think) tours and blesses the harbor of San Juan Del Sur.




Another of those blissful San Juan Del Sur sunsets.

A wonderful afternoon on a catamaran as the Happy Hour Book Club took to the water!



We arrived back in the harbor to the most spectacular sunset!

Finally made it to the Jesus statue, in time to say goodbye to San Juan Del Sur!

A last pool party at the spectacular Malibu (thank you, JoAnne Scholtz)

You have to love an infinity pool with a view like that!

Beginning to say goodbye to friends.


Researching travel options to Mexico.

7 Responses to FROM NICARAGUA TO MEXICO: Goodbye Nicaragua

  1. Sylvia says:

    I like the small-town feel in your pictures. looks like you had a great time in Nicaragua. Enjoy Mexico!

    • Claire says:

      Yes, actually the “town” (or formally, “city”) part of San Juan Del Sur is roughly five blocks by four in the downtown area. And even though it spreads uphill and outside of town into the surrounding hills and bays, it is, essentially, a small town of about 20,000 people. So one gets to know the restaurants, stores and other places fairly quickly.

      Thank you for the good wishes for Mexico!

  2. John Safford says:

    NICE collection of photos & good memories!
    More to come from Mexico?

    • Claire says:

      Oh yes, I’m sorting through photographs now, for the next post. Then, after I move closer into town, hopefully I will be having more fun times to write about!

  3. Miriam says:

    How beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  4. Miriam says:

    How beautiful, Claire, thank you for sharing these! It looks like you did a good job establishing friends and a life.

    • Claire says:

      Yes, I think I did okay. Definitely was ready to move on, though. Hopefully I can do the same, or better, in Mexico! You’ll have to come visit!

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